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The answers on most common questions we receive are described below

We’re glad you want to start using EET, If you haven’t done so yet, please Book a Demo and our team will contact you shortly.
If your school already made the demo please check How to get started page for more information

While EET is easy to use and to understand, we do not provide a trial version. The reason for this is that EET should contain your full syllabus and other relevant data; without this data EET would not give you the correct impression. This is why we would love to present EET to you when you Book a Demo and to answer any questions and concerns.

We have big plans for EET, to become the #1 leading school management platform. As you may have already seen, we constantly release new features and improve EET in all aspects of the product.

Our business model cannot be sustainable without the license renewal. Meaning that if we offer a lifetime license, it would mean that in 5 or 10 years we won’t be able to provide the same premium support, same frequent feature releases and the same standard of product.

A lifetime license actually works against customers’ interests, as it leaves them with a platform that may be cheaper, but less sustainable in the future.

Selecting any of our plans your school gets a white label subscription, white label means that your school will have its own web and mobile applications

Yes. It’s possible if your school will provide us a remote MySQL server,
our team will setup the database and establish the connection to our production server

We neither rent nor sell your school Information or Student’s Personal Information. We also use coding practices which take steps to prevent attack on our servers and systems from web browsers and malicious scripts, by processing all actions through several permission verifications checks.

All our platforms, web and mobile are provided “AS IS”.
Requests to change existing system operation are not allowed, however, if you requested a new feature that was deemed beneficial & necessary
for all of our users, we might develop it for free, taking into consideration our team’s availability. 

It does not matter your organization’s complexity and size. Our system is geared towards large businesses with high user volumes and advanced requirements.

Unfortunately… No!

Absolutely not. The subscription is a fixed price charged monthly or annually, and it includes all the features described in our website.

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