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Manage your school from one place
EET's all-in-one digital platform comes with all the most valuable functionality a school or educational center needs​
Admins & Teachers

Keep all school’s employees, teachers, students and parent in the loop of the latest School’s news in real-time.

By using technology in E-learning. the student will be able to access teaching materials easily from any device, whether from mobile, tablet, or the web.
Without the need to be present at the same time and place with the teacher as in traditional training systems.

An integral part of the information infrastructure in the 21st century to strengthen students’ knowledge of additional learning resources.
Provides students with educational materials, lectures, journals, books and research papers in digital format

Teachers and students alike lose about 3 minutes from each lesson only to record attendance and absence, while recording the attendance and absence of a class does not exceed 30 seconds using our software.

Now… your school may completely stop using attendance and absence papers and forms, printing, storing them and their distribution.
When recording attendance and absence, the teacher will be able to use the notes field to state a reason of a student absence.

It will keep the student and their student always informed of the dates of all upcoming exams.

Students and their parents will be able to obtain their exam marks instantly and in real time.

When the teacher announces a new homework, students and their parents will receive
notification of that in real-time. They will be able to view homework details and its due date on their mobiles.

Allows administrative accounts to track school buses in real time.

When a new tuition fee is entered into the system by the administrative account, the student and their parent will receive a notification with the details of the payment and its final due date.

Available for administrative accounts only to assign and track the status of assigned tasks on any specified group of school personnel

Available to all school users to enable them to receive the latest school announcements immediately.

Available only to school staff, a simplified feature for sending vacation and leave requests for teachers
The user of the administrative account can accept or decline from anywhere and at any time.


Stores school official documents or anything related to work. accesible only to school staff.

Available to all school users. Personal notes are not shared with any other user and are only saved to
the device memory. Dynamic media supports videos, images, text and voice recordings.